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Monday, May 23, 2011

Buy A New Popcorn Machine

If I spell out a perfect movie experience, it would be watching a Pierce Brosnan film along with a couple of friends sipping really ice cold iced tea and munching cheese flavored popcorn. Chips and other finger foods may somehow do but for me movie experiences are never complete without popcorns.

Lately, a dramatic marriage proposal of a boyfriend (Matt Still) to her bride-to-be (Ginny) hits You Tube by storm earning more than two million views in just three days. In the video, Matt even in rush could not resist pausing in the counter to buy for him a bucket of popcorn. Just like me, he must have thought of completing the whole movie themed marriage proposal with it. It got me thinking, what if the pop corn machine got broken and no popcorn was served on that particular day, would the cinematic effect of that presentation be still complete? I guess not.

Thanks heavens that popcorn machines are invented so we could experience life's little joys. Technically, popcorns are to be enjoyed not only in the cinemas but also in our homes if we could buy our own pop corn machine so popcorn time is no longer limited during movie time in the cinema but even during movie time at home.

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