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Monday, May 23, 2011

Advantages Of Wireless Doorbells

I am browsing a home magazine for a simple yet trendy design of a house. Yes, I am contemplating of building a house to call my very own. However, what I see here are mostly expensive looking architectural designs, perhaps if I go for these, one building would cost me millions of bucks before I got to see it standing before my very eyes. In my mind, I'm picturing out my ideal design somehow - a traditional bungalow house plan featuring an open living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Aside from these, I would like to add a mini-music bar and a library for all my collections of books, DVDs and magazines.

Other amenities would include a mini-pool for the kids and a garden. I might also install security cameras to ensure that whoever goes in and out of the house is monitored. The wireless doorbells nowadays are quite a necessity so I have to add wireless doorbell in the must-have list.

My dream house plan is almost complete, the rooms, a pool, a garden, security cameras, a doorbell, what else do I need? All I need this time is the money to make all these that I have in my mind happen.

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