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Monday, May 23, 2011

Famous Valencia Restaurants

The name Valencia is very famous. It is like an adjective that is attached to many nouns. But not too many people know that Valencia is actually the third largest city in Spain and one of the places that is a must-see when you are in this wonderful European country.

While Ibiza in Spain may be famous for its parties and revelry that is why party-goers do flock here, Valencia is more famous for its food and art. There are many rows of valencia restaurants to choose from and for sure they offer the tastiest of the local cuisine. And why not? Everything in a Valencia restaurant menu is so rich and flavorful, true to their Mediterranean origins. For sure, if you are in Valencia, you would want to drink only coffee in the morning so that you will have lots of space for your lunch and dinner engagements. Their food is really good. And of course, do not forget their sweet and sumptuous desserts. Their meal-cappers are a buffet in themselves. So be ready with your tummy when going to Valencia. You may also want to bring antacids for better digestion. If not, of course, there is always wine handy.

Another thing to do do in Valencia is to shop for designer clothes. Valencia Fashion is a fast-rising and sought-after merchandise in the world.

Also, you would not miss the medieval castles and cathedrals scattered all over the place. You will not have a complete visit to Valencia if you have not gone into any of these ancient buildings that have seen so many events throughout the years. Their halls are hallowed and the mere fact that you were able to step in them is an experience all by itself.

And oh, while in Valencia, take a side trip to Vienna. The food in vienna is also very famous, you might want to try that.

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