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Monday, May 23, 2011

Open Casting Calls | Free Casting Calls

Many would agree if I'd say that it is more challenging to act in stage productions than in movie and TV productions because in stage plays everything flows continuously unlike in movie and TV shows where everything is taped ahead and edited before they are shown to the public. This means that actors in movies and TV have the luxury of time to memorize their lines before a particular scene is being shot and if there maybe cases of mistakes, they could always take another shot over and over again until they will achieve what the director wants. In stage plays, the show is very spontaneous and there is no room for whatever error and slip - up or it will ruin the whole show.

I could only imagine how hard it is to go through stage acting auditions. Thousands of aspirants may come to try to take a shot for a role during open casting calls or free casting calls but it will only melt down to one individual who has got everything what the role demands. It is not about luck but talent and prowess. It is no surprise why actors who started from theatre become successful stars in the big screen too.

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