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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans

The other day I was helping a friend move, and in his new house was a beautiful fairly new Ceiling Fan. It had a remote and everything; and rightfully so since it was way too high in the cathedral ceiling to reach. I'm going to have to stop by Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans and see what they have in the way of remote-controlled fans for my place. Ceiling Fans sure help during these summer months, particularly when your house doesn't have air conditioning. In our climate, if you have some fans in the house, you can survive the summer without "suffering" too much. Ours comes in quite handy right now; and it is nothing fancy.

Neither is the fan we have in the bedroom window. They move air- that's all that matters really, isn't it? In the evening, we turn on the Ceiling Fan in the dining room (while we're not dining, that is) and it cools it off within a few hours.

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