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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scopes and Laser Sights

Biometric gun safe has become the best way of securing our guns at home. Currently, we are available with large numbers of popular and renowned rifles incorporating biometric technology in it. One of the world famous rifles incorporating biometric gun safe is titled as ar 15 scopes.

In fact, these rifle scopes are the specially designed rifles, which have incorporated many other exclusive features as flashlights, laser sights and spotting scopes, along with the inclusion of biometric technology. Today, experts have classified AR-15 Scopes rifles in to different categories, which are mentioned in this article.


* CQS i.e. Close Quarters Scopes are the models incorporating low power of magnification range. The lower value of magnification facilitates us in quick acquisition of our target at close ranges. However, because of low magnification, these scopes cannot be used higher range shots.


* MDS i.e. Mil Dot Scopes are the second category of AR-15 Scopes rifles, which have incorporated one essential feature of biometric gun safe available in all types of AR-15 styled rifles. In MDS, each of the dots is responsible for representation of certain distance in terms of yardage. Initially, shooters determine distances towards their targets. After this, they place the dot, corresponding with distances on targets.

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