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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Database Driven Website

The database driven website is quite different from the traditional website as it has content of webpage in the format of database. The website content of this website does not sit on server files. The content are in columns and tables properly managed by a database. A website in which the content is stored on file system is called static website, but, a database website is called dynamic. For creating a Database driven website, following skills are required:


* You must build a static website JavaScript, HTML, and CSS preferred.
* You must write basic coding by making use of server scripting language like ColdFusion, PHP etc.
* You must know the basic SQL writing.
* You know how to design or build a database.


The rapid application development or rad tools are officially known as a parallel integration as well as development of functions. Due to RAD, functions and components are developed parallel to the program. This tool can automatically provide feedback to the clients, and deliver necessary information. The development of RAD encourages active feedback from the customers. At the starting of the product visibility, the customers can provide feedback on design and can decide processing of the development on the basis of existing functionality.


Rapid application development is a method of software development, which requires very less planning for rapid prototyping. The work of planning is left with software writing with RAD usage. This enables very fast writing of software, and it will easy for the user to change basic requirements of software. It is a software development methodology that includes methods like software prototyping, iterative development of the software etc. According to Whitten, RAD is a combination of several structured techniques with software prototyping for accelerating software systems development. Structured techniques and software prototyping are used together to define the requirements, and design the final system.

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