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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finding deals where we live

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

My roommate stumbled upon this website,, and was sort of freaking out about it. I thought it was a little weird at first considering it was just about a TV provider. Then, I started to look at some of the stuff on the site and I started to understand why she was so stoked about it. It pretty much had a just a bunch of deals for this TV provider where you can get channel bundles for a pretty decent price considering where we live. It is really hard to tell what things will cost here, but sometimes companies and vendors jack up prices just because they assume we can pay for it. It was a relief to see the new service I had gotten my heart set on would actually be affordable. I guess I was not kept up at night thinking about the new channels we would get, but my roommate and I definitely talked about it all the time before we had it installed. I think because our previous service was about 20 channels that never really had anything except for re-runs of older TV shows. Definitely something I was used to watching as a kid!

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