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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Protect Your Eyes With Eye Glasses

Before I thought Eye glasses was just part of the fashion style to some of the celebrity and friends that I knew. Others are wearing it because they find themselves beautiful if they have eye glasses on it. Others that I knew are wearing eye glasses because they want to appear smart and intelligent person. True enough, because that’s what I also believe for youngsters if you have eye glasses you must be smart kiddo in the class. For me if I am wearing an eye glasses I looks like an old witch lady. Funny, but that’s how I look like when ever I am wearing eye glasses.


In what I believe in wearing eye glasses has been changed through the years. Now I realized how important it is to have an eye glasses, especially if you are working long hours in front of the computer. Its not just a fashion thing but a health prescription that help to protect your eyes from dust and radiation. As our eyes are the most sensitive part in our body, that has a vital role for us to move and work around. I guess its not a burden on our part if we buy something that will protect our eyes. Having cheap eyeglasses would give you an assurance to protect your eyes.

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