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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Is Network Attached Storage?

There was a time that computers were so much simpler. It supposedly computes mathematical formulas for us. Supposedly they are the ones who do repetitive tasks for us, to copy, to calculate, to do things for us automatically, especially, repetitive tasks. Computers' supposedly main purpose is to make our life easier.

Today, computers are not anymore for the intelligent ones who know how to figure out things. Today a normal working man must have somehow knowledge about computers.

In the world of connectivity, we should be familiar with things such as network attached storage or Nas. It simply means the network (group of computers) attached (self explanatory) is connected to a common storage.

Now you might think that integration (or grouping) of different computers is simple.piSCSI can be used to transmit data over local area netoworks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), or the Internet. Simply put iscsi san allow a group of computers to consolidate storage into one storage center accessible to all computers. (e.g. database and web servers). It can be run over long distances using existing network infrastructure. Often mention with these networking is Sun LSCI QFS or "Quick File System". For fast access of files over the network.

Our life really have come a long way from being complicated to a more complicated.

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