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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prescription Assistance Programs

It is good to know that there are still individuals, organizations and companies that are sensitive to the current state of the communities where they belong. They do not turn a blind eye to the needs of their fellowmen. If they see that there are a lot of jobless members of the community, they immediately schedule a job fair. During calamities such as storms, floods or earthquake, they mobilize right away to give assistance to those who are severely affected.

Prescription assistance is given in cases where patients cannot buy their own medicines. They give additional monetary assistance to individuals who need them. Some would even sponsor charity hospitals so that they can give out discount prescription drugs to deserving patients. Such programs have earned praises and more support from other institutions and even from local government.

It has also inspired others to conduct similar programs and give back to their communities. They have recognized the fact that the continuous rise of prices of medicines is hindering patients to buy their medicines. It is now common to see rx assist programs in some indigent communities.

Let's just hope that monetary assistance continue to pour in so that these generous individuals and corporations can continue with their charitable works.

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