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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Need Of Cigar Humidifier?

Don't you know that cigars have found their way even into the white house? I have read an article that former U.S. presidents John F. Kennedy was a big fan of Cuban Cigars (maybe Ashton cigars or oliva cigar) and Richard Nixon also is a habitual smoker. I forgot the names of other U.S. presidents but I remember their were at least 20 of them.

Our country (Philippines) is not an exemption. President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino, Jr. or widely known with his nickname "Noynoy" is not denying his being a heavy smoker. In one interview he said he is not yet ready to quit smoking as it is one of the remaining "freedoms" he still possess since becoming the president. US President Barrack Obama was once a smoker but was determined to quit smoking shortly before he won the U.S. presidential seat. After knowing that our own President is a heavy smoker, President Obama offered to share his tips to Noynoy on how to quit smoking. He said that it is hard at the start but if you are determined to get rid of that vice, you can do it, the way he did. As of now, our dear president needs a cigar humidifier if he is still not ready to quit smoking.

It has been published, debated, rallied against and even banned in some countries. But cigarette smoking is still ever popular since it was publicly introduced. We just need to be aware of its dangers and dire consequences for our health too. Studies and interviews show some reasons why still millions enjoyed using it in spite the government warning against the danger of smoking was the feeling of release after doing it. Some said it elevates one's status in terms of maturity. For so many reasons in doing it, I still believe we all need to be aware and take care of our health too.

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