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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To Eliminate Frequent Concrete Floor Polishing

If you are to increase the value of your house then do some home renovations and start with the renewal of the floor. According to a friend who is an interior designer, the floor completes the final look of a home. It is considered the final piece in a home decorating or remodeling project. It helps in unifying the whole house design concept. If you wish to have a modern look , then you may install granite, marble or ceramic glazed tiles but if you prefer a Mediterranean or a Spanish designed house then hardwood, parquet or bamboo finish are recommended. As I have said, the floor determines the concept of the hose. The right material will easily enhance the appearance of the whole house. The wrong choice will not only ruin it, but will be a costly error in terms of wasted time and effort.

My mom did some floor renovation with our ancestral home last year. Because the house is too big for her and her two house help, she decided to divide the house into two and opted to monetize by opening the second floor for lease. She started the improvement by engaging the services of a friend contractor to do the floor removal . The old and worn vinyl floor tiles were replaced with durable, maintenance-free and classy flooring ceramic tiles. She also added additional comfort rooms, kitchen and a service area for the second floor. To eliminate frequent concrete floor polishing, she decided to include these areas for tile installation. Thanks to my friend for a very satisfactory job. With a few workers but with floor grinders each, the job was surprisingly completed ahead of schedule. Now my mom is earning a considerable amount of money through the rent. At 6 months time, her house renovation expenses was already recouped.

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