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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hard Decision To Make After High School

My cousin is facing another stage of her life. After she graduated from high school studies, she is now thinking of what would be the perfect course for her to take in college.  The resources of her parents are limited that is why she is having some hard time finding a school where she can pursue her college studies. Online Courses are good options for her to take since she has computer at home.  There are online universities that offer courses that will allow her to study at the same time working part-time.  There are actually a lot of opportunities and options to choose from.  

Good thing is that she is into art and history, and luckily there are online universities that offer online degree programs in art history for it would surely get her interest. Taking up this online degree program will surely fit her parent’s budget since it’s all at a lesser cost.

Thinking of what would be the best course to take, there is also a Free Application For Federal Student Aid for deserving students like her. I guess, she will just have to take one step at a time and sooner or later, she will realize that her dreams are slowly materializing.

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