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Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Stuff Is The Best

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I think everyone love to get some! When at the malls or at the flea markets, my family and I always love to taste and take free product samples. I personally enjoy doing this because I get to try new products and items and if I like the item, I end up buying some. My hubby on the other hand loves to receive on the mail free travel brochures, I love this too because we can actually plan for our next holiday trip or vacation. My kids get to participate as well in choosing which place to go. They also become excited and happy to know that a holiday trip is on the way.

Giving out free stuff is a surefire marketing strategy. It directly hits the target market and consumers can see first-hand the product and test or try it themselves. It also boosts sales for the company advertising the product since consumers are of large scale especially when product sampling is done or held in malls or in the markets. I believe this is still one of the best ways to advertise products, both the consumer and the company benefits from this marketing strategy.

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