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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Valentines Day Gift Shopping

Well the day is almost here. The day each woman thinks about every February. Valentines Day. The day that makes us men broke. I was heading out to get my honey a gift for that special day, when I remembered I have to set my home security alarm from I set the alarm and was on my way. I head to Tiffany & Co. As I walk in I see a heart shaped locket with diamonds around the heart. I knew intently that was the present for my girlfriend. They are a bit on the spendy side, but she is worth it. If you don't have money to shop at the spendy stores, then I suggest Target, Fred Meyer, Or Wal-Mart. They also have amazingly beautiful jewelry for Valentines Day. A card and candy is also a winning move to get your lover on Valentines Day. I head to Wal-Mart to pick out a card and a box of chocolate and I am finally done. I also found rose petals for when my girlfriend walks into the house on that special night. I think she will love it.

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