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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kentucky Derby Tickets Online

As some of you know, my husband is addicted to sports. Well, I think all men are, right? I think they were born to be like that and to be a slave of any sporting arena. My husband is really into any kind of sports but what he truly love is golf. One time, I saw him browsing the internet for some Us open tickets. I think he wants to purchase some open golf for him and for his buddies but he doesn’t know where to start? When I got close to him I saw different tickets slots sites like Kentucky derby tickets and NBA tickets. He even buzz one of his buddies asking where he can purchase the golf tickets they need! Well, my husband is not really patient in terms of online buying that’s why he’s really having a hard time searching and buying the tickets! But because I’m a wife that loves him so much, I ask him if I can help him thru his browsing and he immediately said YES! What can he expect on an online shopper like me? In just a few clicks we were able to purchase the ticket! So, there he immediately called his buddies and was blustering about how good his wife was. :)

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