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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unlimited Paperbacks and Children Books

I still remember when I first came over her eight (8) years ago. Dear hubby found out I never went to any big library in my whole life, so he brought me to one of the public library nearby. Boy, I was so shocked when I saw all those Audio books on cd. I decided to Rent books just for the fun of it. Honestly, it makes me laugh every time I remember those days. It's funny but so true! Speaking of audio books, I found out, a Book rental website where you can rent audiobooks on CD, MP3-CD format audiobooks. At, you can find the best selection of top quality paperback books, children books, CD audiobooks, MP3-CD audiobooks, and more to rent online. What I like about it is that, you can create your own list of preferences, enjoy and return free for new ones. You can rent unlimited paperback books. Keep them as long as you want, no late fees or due dates and the shipping is free so you really have nothing to lose! So if you are tired of the high priced audio books, then maybe it is time to check out today!

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