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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Portland PC Repair Company

I have a lot of friends who live in the Portland area. I wonder if any of them have ever used the Portland computer repair company PCMD Inc. to get their PCs or laptops repaired. This Portland pc repair company offers prompt, polite, and thorough service onsite (in your home or place of business) or through a remote connection. The choice of service is up to you. There prices are stated clearly on their website, and are very reasonable. The PC repair Portland area company services the metropolitan Portland area. Anyway, now that my computer repair guru is gone, I will have to find a PC repair place myself. These PCs and laptops are always getting clogged up with some virus or EXE file or who knows what else. I am so tired of it. Well, at least my current security program keeps a lot of that stuff out. Inevitably though, I am going to need to get some computer repairs done. I like to support the little guy shops around town when that happens. I just hope they are as upfront about their pricing as the PC repair Portland area company is. I find the smaller PC repair companies are good about explaining things, and they treat their customers well. Makes me think maybe PCMD Inc. must have started small and grown their business based on their good service, with no "Geek speak" and explanations tailored to clarify and not confuse. Its always good to support local repair companies, it helps the economy and hopefully you will receive prompt and well priced service.

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