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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The State Of Things

1. Do you have health insurance? If so, what's it thru (job, spouse, etc)? Is it decent? If not, do you have a real need for it?

I got it through my spouse.

2. Do you have a job right now? If you do, lucky you! If not, how long have you been out of work, and what are you looking to do? How do you feel about the economy and finding a job sooner than later?

No, I don't work outside. I've been taking care of our kids. We had two kids, ages 4 and 15 month old :) With regards to the economy, I feel bad about it. Luckily, I found a stay at home job with decent pay so it helps to buy groceries and pay bills as well.

3. What's your housing situation in this current 'crap for an economy'? Have you lost your house, or have you been able to keep a roof over your head and not get into economic trouble?

We still living in our house but looking forward to get a bigger one. We need a bigger space for our growing family! We might wait until the economy is better.

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