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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Girl Philippine TV Series

My Girl is an upcoming drama produced by ABS-CBN. It is a remake of the SBS Korean drama of the same title which is also shown in the Philippines last May 29, 2006. The series is expected to premiere Summer of 2008 said the teaser of ABS-CBN.


Jasmine is an imposter, proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese, while Julian is the second generation heir of a big corporation. Because of his grandfather's illness, he is forced to ask Jasmine to act as his long-lost cousin so that his grandfather's last wish can be fulfilled. Therefore, they are both bound in a lie so that no-one in the family knows the truth.

Julian's intelligent ex-girlfriend, Anika who grew up in a rich family dreaming to become a world-famous tennis star, returns to Philippines after winning a title and works hard at getting back with Julian, thus causing both she and Jasmine to have cutthroat competitions for Julian's affection.

Casts includes Kim Chiu as Jasmine, Gerald Anderson as Julian, Nina Jose as Annika, Enchong Dee, Ron Morales, Regine Angeles, Cathy Gonzaga, and Gabby Concepcion.

I have seen the original Korean version of this series but I'm looking forward to the My Girl Philippine version or Tagalog version. I'm sure a lot of people, especially those KimeRald fanatic will be excited to see their new TV series.
Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu stars in Philippine version of "My Girl"

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