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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Housemaid Charged In The Murder Of German National

By Kit Bagaipo
The Bohol Chronicle

The provincial prosecutor has found "sufficient evidence" against a housemaid charged in the murder of a German national and his wife in April.

Provincial prosecutor Macario Delusa, in his resolution promulgated Thursday, found that housemaid Virginia Saluta "participated principally" in the killing of couple Helmut and Eutiquia Malinka.

However, Delusa noted that the crime was allegedly committed by Saluta with other "still unidentified conspirators."

The provincial prosecutor's resolution was based on the complaint for double homicide and robbery filed by the Bohol provincial police against Saluta.

The Malinka couple was killed in their residence in Barangay Laya, Baclayon town early morning last April 13.

Based on the account Saluta gave while undergoing a lie detector test and during the preliminary investigation, the prosecution said she was lying when she claimed two armed robbers forcibly entered the couple's house and tied her up before killing the Malinkas.

The police did not find any evidence of forcible entry in the house and found inconsistencies in Saluta's account, Delusa noted in his resolution.

Saluta is detained at the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO).

She will be transferred to the Bohol Detention and Rehabilitation Center (BDRC) after charges were filed in court last Thursday.


Police who responded saw Helmut hogtied in his room with multiple stab wounds while his wife Eutiquia was also stabbed several times in a separate bedroom.

Saluta claimed the robbers tied her up in the servant's quarters before going for the couple.

The house-help was in the employ of the murdered couple less than a day before the incident.

The items which were confirmed lost and carted away by the robbers during the incident were a laptop computer, DVD and audio player, three units of cellphones, assorted jewelries and other valuable items, all estimated in the amount of P267,000.(July 1, 2007)

Source: The Bohol Chronicle

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