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Monday, February 25, 2013

Waterproof Labels

Labels are used to identify items or a certain product. When your item, or other things have the right labels, it is easier for you to categorize one item from the other. Those labels usually contain the details about the products or perhaps just simply names and addresses that can be attached to any of your belongings, containers and such. But because today is an era wherein most of the products are digitally made, labels are also created digitally. It is more used as product identification, packaging, textiles, advertising, automobile stickers, warning labels, organizing files or simply as name tags. Labels are made of paper material with the support of other materials such as adhesive, cloth, polymer or vinyl. For some, this is a perfect option for the outdoors, wherein quality and durability is a must for them. The adhesive type of weatherproof labels are of high quality, thus, it is most perfect for use with laser printers.

Another type of labels known as waterproof labels (also described as water-resistant) where moisture is held off from weather conditions, are made by vinyl and coated with a substance that “locks in the ink”, as they often say. Not only that, it is also tear and fade resistant. This will keep your labels safe and readable. They stick to paper, plastic, metal, and glass. But it is a big no-no to use this on items or things that are associated with dishwashers or for underwater use.

These two labels mentioned above, are among the most used types of all labels. Maybe because it is easier to order online or make a customize one based on your own requirements. Also, some labels now are weatherproof like zebra labels and at the same time water-resistant, which is an advantage to people who use labels on almost all of their items at home or in the office. Check it out!

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