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Friday, April 27, 2012

Why It Is Important To Update Your Malware Protection Program?

Every year, users of computers and internet suffer losses of millions of dollars from the malware. Malware is one of the part of Internet and one of the worst afflictions of our computers. In order to put restriction on the damage caused to our systems from malware, Microsoft has introduced one special tool as MSRT i.e. Malicious Software Removal Tool. This tool can be automatically downloaded, whenever Windows Update becomes activated on our computer systems. However, you should always remember that MSRT is not replacement for any anti-virus program. MSRT is only responsible for seeking out only particular threats, so that you can install trust-worthy anti-program for protecting your whole computer system. Every month, Microsoft used to update its MSRT to be downloaded in computers. Thus, in this manner, you may not only have secure computer system, but also most secure browser.

Update Your Anti-Virus Program


In case your Windows Update gets disabled, you can still download MSRT for operating it as separate computer program. This separate program scans the computer systems in background as they work. If this program found any type of malware, it eliminates all threats and report to Microsoft. Whenever any computer gets affected from malware, consequences may become bothersome and obvious. Online connections become sluggish and speed of our computer systems may decrease in significant manner. Even many online searches may send towards some of the irrelevant web pages and may be popped up ads for various anti-virus programs. You can eliminate various types of malware with the help of anti-virus program. However, for this, you have to update your malware protection program or anti-virus program up to date. In conclusion, we can say that you can have both secure browser and secure computer system only when you update your anti-virus program in regular manner.

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