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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mountain Home

Guest post by Jewel Cole


Our family just purchased a huge mountain home in the mountains about two to three hours from where most of us live. When I say our family, I mean my two brothers and me. We have a beach home at which we schedule vacation times so that we all get to take our families and friends and enjoy it throughout the year. I am the keeper of the calendar and it can be quite a chore since we also have grown children who want their time with friends there. Now my work will be cut out for me having to schedule two homes between three families. While doing our research and making site visits one of the first things on the list was to go tohttp://homesecuritysystems.comto research a security system for the home. We have one at our beach house and feel comforted knowing that when none of us are there, the home is being monitored for invaders. I love the beach but I equally love the mountains. Both are great places for communing with God and relaxing and enjoying family and I am looking forward to many happy times in the mountains at our new home.

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