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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Green Fundraising Ideas

I have been hearing from my children about environmental fundraising that their school is up to. Wow, it's about time that everyone gets involved in having a cause which is pro-environment. There are so many green fundraising ideas around that all ages could love.


I am pretty sure that this year's fundraising campaign will be a great success. They will be selling eco-friendly products which I'm sure we, parents are delighted about it. This is their first time that they are having green fundraising and I am giving it my all-out support, in fact, I have already invited my neighbors for support because they will be encouraging people to buy and use dodo bags in order to minimize the use of plastics.


Me, I will be getting lots of dodo bags because I will be having them as additional Christmas presents to my relatives and friends. This is such a cheap gift but with a great purpose. I am planning to have them personally printed so the recipients will be happy to use them. I always want to have my gifts prepared months before the holidays because I don't want being stressed-out during the season. And this time this green ideas has helped me came up with green presents, too.

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