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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Upgrading technology

Authored by Leandro Delgado


I have always been the technology person of the family. Whenever my parents needed something done on the computer, they would call me. Whenever the television was broken, they would call me. Normally, it was always something simple and I never minded. However, after my last trip home, I decided my parents really needed a technology upgrade. Since they are not up to date with technology, they had no idea how archaic some of their devices were. I would not consider myself an expert Satellite installer, but I decided to try and install a dish for them. I had looked up how to do it and I honestly thought it would be no big deal. How hard could it be? I knew there was no chance my parents would do it and I thought I would be able to save them money if I did it myself. Well, after several hours of tilting and adjusting the satellite, I decided I was not going to be able to accomplish the installation. I swallowed my pride and decided to call a professional. I am not sure I will even be able to live the event down. Oh well, at least I tried.

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