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Monday, August 1, 2011

Football Season

It can be difficult to know what fans are in store for when a new football season approaches. The reigning Superbowl champions are expected to perform just as well as they did in the previous season. The ones that were considered finished before the season ended are determined to improve their torn image. The threat of a lockout and whispers of discord among owners and players are enough to make any true football fan nervous. Football fantasy players have put their plans on hold while they anxiously await the outcome of the lockout. Some fans are worried that their channels and comfy chair will not be used as much this year. While fans are holding their breath and looking for any signs of life in the upcoming season, NFL owners and players have been busy presenting their sides to various judges. Players that have been drafted are scratching their heads wondering if this will be the year their professional careers start, or will they be sitting on the sideline before the first tackle is ever made?


Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

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