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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Setting Up Network Security Software

My friend has been extremely excited about starting college. She has been looking forward to finally being able to study the course that interests her. Since she was small, she has always been good in math. It was in high school when she got interested in computers. She has gotten good grades in their computer subject and she was always among those who were able to finish first all their work in class.


That was why it was no surprise that she enrolled in a computer school in college. She said that she knows that there are a lot things that she needs to learn like setting up network security software. She said if the time comes when she knows how to do that on her own, she will install one for their family business. She also has to learn more about compliance reporting among other things.


Days before school starts, she has been reading all her textbooks. She knows that advance reading can help her participate during class discussions. She is so focused on her goal of doing well in class that she has studied some of the basic ideas on some topics such as IT security compliance. Her whole family sees just how determined she is that is why they intend to give her all the support she needs.

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