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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harley Davidson Bikes And Accessories

In the world today, men are divided into three groups. Those who are real men, those who wanted to be women, and those who wanted to be women but do not have the guts to pour it out in the open so they still look and move like real men. If you are a man (male adult), in which category do you fall under?


Since the last two options are either not wanting to be masculine at all and hypocritically wanting to be masculine, let us focus on the first option and this goes for men who wanted to be more than men; they wanted to be masculine or in slang terms, macho.


Some women look at what the men can do or think. Are you skilled or intelligent? Are you a gentleman, musically talented, martial artist, or a poet? It seems there has to be something in you more than your looks. Even if you are the cutest guy known to the woman who is looking, if you do not have anything in addition to that, you are still a big failure. If, on the other hand, you do not look cute at all but you are skilled in your own way, that physical deficiency doesn't seem to exist at all.

How about if you have a "bad boy" image but you have a couple of Harley motorcycles or Harley davidson bikes and they are even complete with different Harley davidson accessories?


How do you think will you fair? If you say women really flock on your side, then maybe it is time for others wanting the same plight to look for Harleys for sale.

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