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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashionable Funny T-Shirts Designs

T-shirts are a staple in one's closet. It's one of the most comfortable top a person could have. These are also best for almost any type of activities. From plain white ones, colored ones, striped, heavily decorated, collared, round neck, v-neck, turtle neck, long sleeves, or short sleeves, not a single person can say that they do not own a t-shirt.

With t-shirts being the most common clothing for everyone, some use these to open up a business and would print almost anything on a t-shirt. It's a well-known fact that whatever is "in", in just a short span of time, people would see them printed in a t-shirt. Just like nowadays, Angry Birds are so "in" that you'd see a lot of stores selling Angry Birds shirt.

But there are shirts that would never get too old for everyone, young or adult. These are the funny t-shirts you'd see around with cute quotes, or funny taglines. There are even funny t-shirts wherein spoofs are being printed. Some of them even have drawings with different meanings. However those funny t-shirts are made, the people behind those designs and taglines are sheer geniuses! This means, they themselves have been expressing their funny thoughts through t-shirt making! Great isn't it?

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