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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Make Gift Bags?

"Why bother with packaging?" This is oftentimes my hubby's query every time I spent a lot of time wrapping gifts for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions for my relatives and friends. I find joy and fulfillment every time I personally do the thing. Actually I have a collection of photos of all gifts I've wrapped. Some were already posted on arts and craft blog site. I got this skill from my mom. She's a school teacher and teaches home economics and arts in high school.

Just like yesterday during the Vacation Bible School graduation of the kids at church, I taught the Sunday school teachers how to make gift bags that can build the right amount of suspense and excitement for the kids. I chose bright colored wrappers and cut cartoon characters as gift tags. Ready made cards are expensive, so I told them to just download images from the internet and print it to the extra photo paper cut-outs.

We also used plastic bags, ribbons, crepe and tulle for accessory. We all know that shopping bags were also given to children who excelled during the one-week VBS. Wow! I was so happy to see the excitement of the kids as we brought the prizes and gifts on stage.

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