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Monday, May 16, 2011

Graphic Design Elements Beginners Should Know

Designing is a fun thing to do. Whether you have in-depth knowledge or know nothing about it, you have all the chance of creating catchy and high quality designs. With enough knowledge, you can easily do your designing needs like the designs for your Vinyl Banners will be as easy as a snap. Let us know the basic design elements that will help us succeed in our design projects like if we have plans of designing our Yard Signs.

Lines - it is one of the basic elements of design. A combination of lines, with other shapes or alone can create meaning to each design.

Shapes - another basic element of design, shapes are used in creating a design like logo. Like lines, shapes can also be used in combination with other shapes or lines to create meaning and organize information.

Mass - this is an important element in design. Mass equals size. Thus, every design you have has its own equivalent physical mass. Each line, photo, text, and more you have added in your design contribute a corresponding mass to the whole design. In desktop publishing, mass is about understanding the measurement of every design's parts like paper, type, and images.
Color - this element of design creates mood and statement according to the designers' color choices.
Texture - this is also important as we design. Creating good texture include embossing, shadows and other techniques that will enhance the design's texture.

If you know these basics, designing a Custom Gift Cards will be very easy. But for those of you who doesn't know how to do these kind of stuff, no worries because is there to help you for all of your printing needs.

At, you can order custom printing of every kind. That's right! Whether you are looking for a custom magnet, flyer, custom labels, they print simple to color printing to full color printing! Now, how cool is that?

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