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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting some patio dŽcor inspiration

I'm not that great at decision making. Normally I just dwell on it way too much and I need to be better about making decisions faster. So when I make a major decision, I get a little help. The latest decision that I'm making though is how to decorate my patio area at my townhouse.

I used my to go through some decorating blogs and websites to get a good idea of what I like and just try to copy it. After looking through way too many pictures and design ideas to count, I had a good idea of exactly what I wanted to for my patio area, so I set out shopping for my stuff about a week ago.

For my patio design inspiration, I actually used some ideas from poolside decor. I put a chaise lounge out there because I think that will be a really great place to just hang out. I also bought some curtains in material that will withstand the weather to hang up out there and make it feel a little less like just an outdoor space.

Guest post written by Heather Michaels

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