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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Window Box Planters

I still remember when I was young. I love and enjoy working in the garden. In fact, I've spent hours taking care of the plants and flowers. Ever since I moved here in the US more than eight years ago, I never had the chance to work on our yard simply because there's no space. It's really sad, but gardening has taking a back seat ever since. But you know what? it's really nice to get one of those Outdoor Planters but there's no space. So I guess, I have to wait until we move to a bigger house someday. But it might take years before that happen.

Anyway, I've seen some people use indoor planters. So I guess Indoor Planter might be helpful this time. Of course, Window Box Planter is also a great option too. Now, I will have to ask my husband's "go" signal before buying anything. So we'll see.

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