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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surviving Mesothelioma Research

My cousin Louis is taking up a degree in Nursing. He’s currently on his last year of study and will be graduating this October (at last). He has been on and off the school and made shifting courses as his hobby. Finally, he was able to settle in one course and is now finishing his thesis as one requirement for graduation.

He buzz me a while ago and he was asking me if I can help him research about Surviving Mesothelioma. Well, honestly speaking I really don’t have a broad idea about the disease except for that Mesothelioma Cancer is one of the cancers with much mortality in males rather than females and that it is a cancer of the lungs which came from the exposure of asbestos. I told Louis that and he told me that I could add more to that if I search the internet. You see, their internet connection has been his major problem lately because of it’s on and off connection that’s why up to this date he haven’t finished his thesis!

So as to help him, I immediately open my browser and search Mesothelioma on my search tab. Luckily, there were many available links to the subject. Oh well, I need to finish this first before Louis buzz me again.

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