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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mold Test Kit

Molds – people associate them to sickness, decaying or rotting items or just plain nuisance. Molds in the outdoor or nature is good as it helps decompose organic matters. However because of this ability break down organic matters, molds indoor should be controlled if not avoided. Molds are can possibly lead to health problems. Touching or inhaling molds is one of the major sources of allergies and allergic reactions such as rashes, red eyes, runny nose, sneezing or mare dangerously, potential respiratory problems. The growth of mold spores are accelerated by moisture therefore you should inspect any wet or damp areas in your home such as air ducts, under the sink, bathroom exhaust that doesn’t function properly, basements and near or around windows and doors. While it may be impossible to eradicate, the growth of mold spores can be controlled by keeping a clean home and well controlled moisture level. You should also fix water problems such as pipe leaks, faulty drains or leaky faucets. Hiring mold control specialist can be costly, that’s why you need to do your part in keeping control in your home. If you suspect that molds are probably growing in your home, you can also perform mold test using mold test kit available from Immunolytics.

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