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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interesting Mathematical Concepts

Pre Algebra is taught to middle class students. This is the base for Algebra. Pre Algebra includes many basic terms of mathematics. It includes understanding of natural number, integer, fraction, decimal and negative numbers. It also includes factorization, roots, power, expressions, evaluation of equations, and variables. These are the basic mathematical terms that should be understood by every student.

Prime number is a number that cannot be further divided into factors. The number can be divided only by its own. But one is not counted under this series. Prime numbers are used in or daily life application. They help us to solve data structure problems. Prime factorization is the process that is used to calculate prime factors. This is basic concept that is included in third class syllabus.

Math questions are set to check the ability of a student. It also explains their understanding level. More question you will solve more understanding will develop. Math questions are the best way of brain exercise. It also improves the IQ level of a student. You can also find the series of math problems online. They also guide you to solve these problems step by step. Math solution book of problem series is also available for free. You can access it online.

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