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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Audio Conference A Secure Communication

Before extending your self forward to the general notion of communication, let us aware ourselves about the concept of Audio conference. As audio refers to sound and conference to a meeting, Audio conferencing is a service provided for the communication of numerous people at the same time, ignoring the fact that all of them reside at different locations. The conversation can be done through either cellular phone or normal fixed line telephone.

The subscriber of an Audio conference can unite two or more participants in a conference that is particular. The other concept that is involved in the communication within the group is the initiation of Conference calls. The conference call is an apprehension, which allows the calling party to have the called party listen to the audio portion in conversation.

The Conference calls power can be extended by using a WebEx audio account for Audio conferencing. The scheduling of audio conferences can be done by customers either through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Web. The conference schedule consists of both Dial-in and Dial-out customers. The various features offered by conferencing services to their clients and value of service had made, telephone audio conferencing an attractive option for conversation among multiple people.

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