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Monday, August 2, 2010

Party Prints

I miss attending the parties in the Philippines, especially children's parties. You see, the get- togethers here in the US are a far cry from the party scene from where I am from. Who would've thought that even a one-year-old celebrating his or her birthday can have at least a hundred guests. Crazy huh?

My friends, who are party enthusiasts, tell me that children's parties are such a grand production these days. Aside from the requisite cake, decors, food, and loot, there are now a lot of options that one can choose from. These elements are known to make parties more exciting, not to mention more expensive!

What is said to be making waves in the party scene is the Custom Printing booth. This allows guests to experience customized Plastic Card Printing and Label Printing, similar to the services being offered by Party guests thus get to go home with their own set of customized bag tags, magnets, stickers, and what-have-you bearing the design and photos of their choice. Great keepsakes indeed!

Now this got me thinking. Maybe I could get to help me come up with souvenirs for my children's future Online Printing parties. Maybe then, I could forget my homesickness for a wee bit.

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