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Saturday, July 17, 2010

National Parks Tours In Canada

Both dear hubby and I love to travel. In fact, we make sure to take a vacation at least two to three times a year. We often go to national parks in the US. Right now, I have been checking out some different national parks tours in Canada. The Glacier Park National Park sounds like an amazing area, and a great place for a jaw dropping tour. Anyway, like any other couple, our biggest dream vacation destinations are Europe and Australia. Dear hubby has some relatives in Germany from his father's side and we really want to visit them. But now we are torn between one of the australia tours or one of the europe tours. I am thinking we should go to Australia first since it's closer to the Philippines. I guess we might be able to fly directly from Manila, Philippines to Australia if we really want to, or depending on the budget. But for now, I will just keep an eye on This is a specialty escorted tour company that has tours for all 7 continents. Escorted tours by this company are a great way to travel as the are all organized for you. They also get lower prices for their bookings and their tour developers spend a lot of time planning the tours, the stops, and what you will see along the way. Their tour guides are well experienced and knowledgeable about their area, and most have been with this agency for an average of 8 years. This company also organizes very unique tours relating to history, culture and special events, like for example the Alpine Explorer with the Glacier Express and Oberammergau Passion Play tour. This tour takes you through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, you will travel the Glacier express, a train through the Alps, the mountains, valleys, and glaciers. Then you will stop in the small town of Oberammergau to enjoy a historic Passion Play. Yes this tour company has an amazing selection of unique tours, and while right now I am thinking about the australia tour that takes you from Sydney to New Zealand via the the great barrier reef, the Outback, Fraser Island, and the Outback's Ayers Rock and New Zealand's glacier region, many of their other tours excite us too. So I will keep a watch on the australia an europe tours.

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