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Monday, June 7, 2010

ChronoSwiss Watch Replica

Chronoswiss watches are known for their unique design and the quality of these replicas is matchless. Chronoswiss watches have always been trendy and different from their contemporaries. The material used for their manufacturing is of a high quality. Thus they provide reliability and efficiency. The precision is of the highest kind.

Chronoswiss Delphis 10503: This replica has a completely different design with a completely white dial and two sub dials. One is the analogue 360 degree sub dial for the seconds and a 180 degree scale sub dial above it for the minutes. The hour is seen in a small window digitally. It is a steel cased watch with a dark brown strap. The clasp and the back of the watch have the logo engraved upon them. The dimension of this watch is 38 by 11 mm. Its mechanical functioning is self winding and automatic. It has got a single crown on the right side. The watch is water resistant and has a crystal glass with high resistance to scratches.

ChronoSwiss Time Master CS – 15: This is a high quality replica watch with a distinctive swiss style with a stainless steel case. This is a men’s watch with a polished black dial and hour markers in green with a clear view in the dark. The two additional sub dials are for the day and date which is a very helpful and utilitarian feature. The bezel has a rough design on it giving a rugged look. It has got a skeleton back with the engravings required. Water penetration is very less but no swimming is advised. The logo is also present on the dial. It has got three crowns, the one in the centre is pulled and the other two are push buttons. The markings are precise and it weighs exactly the same as the original. The case size is 43 mm and is equipped with an anti-scratch glass.

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