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Friday, December 12, 2008

Online Edition

1. What browser do you use and why do you like it? I used Mozilla, Ace Explorer, Avant, Internet Explorer.

2. Some people let it all hang out on their blog, while others keep it light, and still others fall somewhere in between. Where does your blog fall in that? I guess I did pretty well maintaining my blogs. I updated them regularly.

3. A lot of people have themed blog like a deployment blog or a crafty blog or one just for memes (like Friday Fun!). What about yours? Do you maintain more than one blog? I have themed blogs, niche blogs, general blog, etc. It's hard to maintain these blogs but I did pretty good though.

4. I like to play online games, like the ones found at Yahoo Games. Do you play any like that? Share some links! I like to play Pacman, Scrabble, Text Twist.

5. There are forums to chat on about just about everything under the sun. Do you belong to any and what are your favorites? Links, please! Yes. I belonged to some digital scrapbooking sites, such as Rakscraps,Gottapixel, Scrapping Garden, Scrap Outside The Box, 3scrapateers, Digishoptalk, The Digi Chick, Oscraps, and a lot more.

6. Shopping time! What are your 5 favorite sites to shop at and what would you recommend I check out? Ebay, Amazon, FPD, Circuit City,

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