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Saturday, November 29, 2008


What does your weekly chore schedule consist of, if anything?
* We're supposed to go to YMCA today but since we're sick, we decided to stay home instead. It's so hard.

Do you plan when you’ll do things, do them as you go, don’t do any chores or leave everything until the house needs to be condemned?
* The house is messy right now and I'm planning to do any chores today but my body won't cooperate. I'm still in pain. Hopefully I'll feel better soon though or else it would be a disaster.

What is your favourite chore? Least favourite?
* I enjoyed cooking. So I guess that's my favorite one. Least favorite? Probably cleaning the bathrooms. I hate cleaning the bathrooms but it has to be done.

What item makes doing chores less stress/hassle or more fun/enjoyable for you?
* Well, I enjoyed doing chores when the radio is on. I love listening to classical music.

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