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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Look Of Me

I still remember when I first my dear hubby in person. Some of you probably knew that we met through a correspondence service. Yes, you read it right. I had a friend in college who was interested in a long distance relationship or "penpal" and she put my picture on the internet as well, without my consent. But I was sure glad she did it because I met the guy of my dream. When my dear hubby first saw me in person, he said something about the way I look that he loves a lot.

This photo was taken when I was pregnant with our dear daughter last June 2004.

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Okay, enough about myself now. I just want to share Victory Hair, where they have a game called Ultimate Flirting Championship which you can view through Extreme Style by VO5. The game is very easy. You can enter your date of birth, gender and you're in! With this game, you can show how to use body language in flirting, recognise signs of flirting and learn to share non verbal communication with someone special. This game is brought to you by Victory Hair. Feel free to view all the details about 'The Ultimate Flirting Championship' game now! For those of you who want to play the game but needs more information, be sure to check out the links given above for more details.

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Lara said...

Hi Nits, done adding all your links to my blogroll. Pls do the same, thanks a lot!

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you have a great time!