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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vat Reclaim And Refund

Last July, we visited our folks in Alberta, Edmonton, Canada for about 2 weeks. While there, the kids and I went shopping. I remember dear hubby always asked me to save the receipt for vat refund purposes. So glad I listen to him though. It lets you enjoy discount shopping when traveling to a foreign country. VAT refund when shopping at leading retailers. Having a hard time claiming your VAT refund? At Global Tax Reclaim, they will reclaim vat tax on your behalf on a no refund with no fee basis. Global Tax Reclaim is an Irish based company with branches in the UK and Holland and provides VAT reclaim states and a number of Non-EU member countries. They have worldwide expertise reclaiming VAT from VAT authorities throughout Europe. If you need any help on your VAT refund claims, be sure to give them a call today and you could save your company thousands in unnecessary VAT on a yearly basis. They have an expert on your side who communicates with all the VAT authorities throughout Europe almost every day. They reclaim Vat (VAT rebate), when the VAT is paid for services or travel expenses by companies or institutions outside their own country. Claiming VAT can be easy and hassle free refunds from Global Tax Reclaim.

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